About us

Charl Fourie 

 Registered Dental Prosthetist and Dental Technician


All About Dentures is located on the corner of Brisbane road and South Station road. The business has been a friend to Ipswich and Brisbane residents for many years. The Business owner and principal practitioner Charl Fourie has been working in the dental industry all his life with almost 20 years experience.


Charl is a kind-hearted individual with patience and understanding the goes far beyond many other practitioners in this profession. Charl is dedicated to making your experience pleasant and foremost finding a treatment plan that is suited to both your specific needs and limitations. An understanding of financial limitations goes a long way when designing treatment plans to patients that require prosthetic treatment. 

As a dedicated family man, he also understands that things don’t always go to plan and modifications to plans and appointment times can be arranged for patients to attend the clinic around the school pick up time or other appointments.