What to Expect

When attending the clinic, feel free to bring someone along for support, we acknowledge that many people have had poor experiences with oral health care professionals in the past and we are committed to ensuring that this experience is as pleasant as possible.

During the first visit to the clinic you will sit down with the dental Prosthetist and spend some time in consultation. Your dental history will be discussed at this stage and an evaluation of your current situation will be performed. 

Following this, you will be presented with various treatment options and you will be left with an opportunity to consider each option before being requested to decide which treatment plan you would like to proceed with. 

From there all you need to think about is how you would like to process the payment for the treatment and when you would like to begin. please note that you may take as long as you would like when deciding which treatment option will suit you and your current situation best. 

Our treatment process is structured in this way to promote understanding and patient education. during any of your appointments feel free to ask as many questions as you feel you need to so that you will be informed on the process and you have a solid understanding of what will happen next and all that is involved in your personalised treatment plan.