What is a Dental Prosthetist

A Dental Prosthetist is a trained registered medical practitioner. It is a requirement by law that the medical professional have completed an approved training program and have maintained registration with AHPRA and insurance.  

unlike a Dentist whom can have many skills and offer many aspects of dentistry to patients, a Dental Prosthetist can only offer a very specific area of treatment to patients. This area within dentistry is dentures. A Dental Prosthetist also commonly builds the prosthetic appliances in house and has often built and designed many more dentures then a typical dentist.

Did you know that AHPRA is responsible for registration of all medical professionals within Australia and as part of their database you can actually look up a practitioner’s history to see if they are registered or have had any disciplinary action taken against their registration? 

​blow you will see the details of Charl Fourie the principal practitioner of All About Dentures, this image has been clipped from the AHPRA practitioner search page.