Sports Mouthguards

If you play any sort of contact sport, a sports mouthguard is highly recommended to protect your mouth and teeth against impacts to the mouth. Sporting mouthguards manufactured at All About Dentures near Ipswich are tailor designed and built by hand to protect your teeth in any sporting activity. 

The benefits of using a custom-made mouthguard as opposed to a store-bought mouthguard include.

  • Better retention 
  • Better fit
  • Improved airflow 
  • Clearer speech 
  • More comfortable

Our moulding technique involves a vacuum former fitting a heated mouthguard blank onto a model of the patient’s mouth. This process achieves a much closer fit to the teeth and provides the benefits listed above.

We offer as range of colours and designs usually matching your preferred colours and team. Making a mouthguard involves recording a n impression of both your upper and lower teeth. The guard is made to wear over the upper teeth, but you need to still close your mouth against it, hence the need for a bottom impression.

Sports mouthguards usually needs replacement when your mouth changes, and are very common in children as their adult teeth arrives during their growing years.

Sports mouthguards are normally very affordable and most health funds pays a large amount of it if you are covered. You can visit our clinic near Ipswich to have sports mouthguards designed specifically for you, taking the condition of your teeth into account.

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