Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Near Ipswich


Partial dentures are the term used to describe the prosthetic appliances designed to replace one or more missing teeth in the mouth. There are many different types of partial dentures including various components for different designs depending on the type of denture and the location of the missing teeth. In the interest of education this page will detail different designs and material options. It is important to remember that every patient case is different and not all options are suitable for specific cases.


Chrome cobalt (CrCo) framework dentures are often used when there is the desired effect is to reduce the amount of material that will be used within the mouth as the metal is much stronger than the acrylic option, the base of the denture can be designed to be much thinner and take up less space in the mouth. As the framework is designed and manufactured in a very precision separate process the cost of a Chrome framework denture is slightly higher than a acrylic counterpart option. Although, when faced with the question of whether to choose chrome or acrylic base options there are several other advantages that the metal base has over acrylic or other options. 


Chrome is known to have naturally bacterial resistant properties, additionally, plaque and other food debris is known to adhere less frequently to chrome cobalt then acrylic so overall the total number of bacteria within the mouth is reduced with this option. When chrome framework dentures are designed correctly, the teeth also have some metal pins that is designed to be set inside of the teeth giving strength to the whole denture and decreasing the chances of the teeth being knocked off the base as the denture is subject to the strong forces of the jaws. 


All the information provided in this article can be very confusing and can be explained in depth with different examples of various designs for you to view in a free consultation with a Dental Prosthetist in Brisbane as well as for residents in Ipswich.

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