Full/Full Dentures

Dentures are a Prosthetic appliance designed to replace one or more missing teeth in the mouth. Full Dentures is the noun used to describe the medical appliance designed to replace all of the teeth in a patient’s arch, upper or lower. A Full/Full, ( said full on full) is a prosthetic appliance designed to suit a patient that is missing all of their natural teeth.  Generally,  Dentures are made from an acrylic base, and acrylic, porcelain, or composite material is used for the teeth.  In the modern era, there are more materials available such as 3D printed or milled materials which can be used in various situations for the desired outcome. For more information on the topic of digital dentures please see our digital dentures page on this website. 

When designing Full/Full dentures for patients there are three main factors that are considered by the team at All About Dentures and they are as follows . Firstly aesthetics – how does the denture teeth look from the patient’s and the Prosthetist’s point of view. After years of working in this industry a trained dental Prosthetist can easily look at a denture in a patients mouth and quickly see what movements of the teeth should be preformed to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look from the appliance.

​The second is function – How does the denture preform under the working forces of the jaws. Human jaws are very strong and stress can cause denture base acrylic to fracture or break if the denture design needs further consideration. It is also important to consider the various movements that the jaw joint in naturally capable of to test the movements of the jaws and ensure that the denture will stay in place during chewing and speaking.  

​The third is phonetics – Is the patient able to easily talk while wearing the prosthetic appliance? our front teeth are used in production of various sounds, any time any change is made to our front teeth our speech will be effected, the time it takes for the patient to adjust to the new shape of the front teeth will depend on the person although as part of our mission we strive to make our appliances with the least possible adjustment time. Doing so will help with acceptance of the new appliance and helps us know that we have built the best possible appliance that is within the limitations of human capacity, material and anatomical features.

Dentures designed and constructed at our clinic are done so with more than ten years of experience amongst the team. Materials and equipment are made selected from Therapeutic goods administration (TGA), approved material and great care is taken to ensure that fantastic medical Appliances can be issued to patients in a timely manner.