Ipswich Full and Partial Dentures

What can quality dentures do for you?

A denture is a removable medical appliance that assists you with eating and chewing, as well as restoring facial structures by filling lost bone tissue and gaps in teeth or replacing all your teeth. Most importantly, dentures give you back your confidence to smile.

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There are 2 types of dentures: 

A full denture – when someone doesn’t have any natural teeth left. This can be upper or lower. 

A partial denture – when someone has some or most teeth missing, even if there is just 1 natural tooth remaining.  

Denture Materials:

Dentures can be made from different materials. The choice of materials depends on the patients’ individual circumstances and needs.  

Acrylic – a dental acrylic resin-based denture which is pink  

Metal – a combination of pink resin and cobalt-chromium alloy metal 

Nylon – a denture that is more flexible than resin dentures 

3D printing resin – a resin that is printed then cured  

We make Digital Dentures 

Conventional dentures rely on a multi-step process involving manual impressions, bite registrations, and try-ins with provisional wax models. Digital dentures streamline this process by utilising 3D scanning technology, eliminating the need for messy impressions, and reducing the number of required appointments. The use of digital design software allows us to create dentures that are precise and teeth that are any shape and size, ensuring a denture is made specifically for you. 

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