Digital Dentures

The future of digital dentistry is here now and digitally enhanced dentures are available at All About Dentures now! 

So what exactly is a digital denture? 

Digital dentures are designed and or manufactured using advanced computer modelling technology. 

This new era of dentistry started many years ago but was only available for dentists to use in manufacturing crowns and bridges. As computer-aided design (CAD) technology has advanced it is now possible to design an entire denture using industry-leading software. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Following computer design, technology now exists for us to be able to both 3D print and Mill dentures. 

So how does 3D printing and Milling work? 

3D Printing works by lowing a platform into a aqueous solution of light-curable material where a beam of light is projected to harden the liquid material layer by layer and build denture components that can be joined by hand following processing.  

The milling process starts by designing the denture on the software then the denture is milled from a blank piece of acrylic (called a puc),  once the design is milled the final finishing touches can be applied to the denture by hand.