Denture Repairs

From time-to-time things break. This is a known part of life to any long-term denture wearer. 

If your denture has broken, please keep all the pieces safely in a container or plastic bag.

Please do not attempt to fix it yourself with any type of adhesive or any other creative methods. Doing so will introduce material to the denture that will make it harder for a professional dental prosthetist in and around your locality near Ipswich to repair the denture the way it was before. It can also be more costly to get the extra procedures needed to restore the denture.

Dentures can usually be repaired in a day at a low cost compared to a new replacement.

What is involved in a denture repair? Why can’t you just stick it back together? 

It is common for patients to try and fix dentures themselves, usually with some glue they found around the house or hardware shop. That’s NOT advised as these materials are usually not suited for the mouth and don’t work with the acrylic used to make the denture.

When a broken denture is presented to your family denture clinic near Ipswich, the first thing that must be considered is what is the cause for the break. The denture design needs to be considered as sometimes it is impossible to know where the stress will be concentrated when designing a denture, and in some cases modifications to the denture design need to be made. The second step is to temporarily bond the broken parts of the denture back together using safe adhesive. Next, the denture base is used to create a model that can now be used to preserve the shape of the denture. Following this step, the crack or join is then removed, and fresh dental acrylic components can be mixed to flow onto the site of the break. The denture is then placed into a curing pot where it is exposed to high temperature and high pressure to avoid porosity in the new acrylic denture base material. After the acrylic has been through the curing cycle it is ready to be removed and excess material can be removed, and the site of the break is ready to be polished.

When the denture is ready to be presented to the patient it is common to require an adjustment or two as this process is done by hand. Fixing your dentures and having them adjusted right can be seamlessly done by directly visiting your dental prosthetist near Ipswich.

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