Denture Relines

Denture relines are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy mouth. 

Most people that have dentures are aware that as time goes on gums tend to shrink. Think of how much your face changes over a period of five years. Similarly, the inside of our mouths also changes over time.  While the jaw changes, the hard plastic does not. Often, the result of this is a relatively small space between the denture and the gums. This space is often too small to notice with the naked eye but is enough to cause discomfort, sore spots, and can even break the seal that holds the denture in place. A denture reline can be thought of as the process of filling this space or updating the fit of the denture.  

Reline treatment is usually a must if you recently lost natural teeth and the gum has healed accordingly. The denture that fits over these areas will need an upgrade to fit right as explained earlier. While regularly visiting our denture clinic near Ipswich can help us check often if you need a denture reline, you can also keep a regular check of your own to identify if you need one.

When do I need a reline?

Normally after change has occurred involving the gums, including:

  • tooth loss,
  • major weight loss,
  • oral surgery,
  • wear and tear,
  • chewing habits,
  • or any else involving the gums.

It’s important to remember that a reline only addresses the fit of the denture and not any other aspect that might need attention. When the reline is completed the dentures’ fit is very similar to a new denture and it may still need an adjustment or two in the following days if a pressure or rubbing spot arises.  

The reline process can usually be completed in a day depending on the case. It normally involves the recording of an impression inside the current denture, with a full/complete denture this recording can be placed back into the mouth giving the patient an indication of the amount of improvement that can be expected. The denture with the recording is then removed and taken to our lab for processing. The impression recording is then replaced with a permanent acrylic to compliment the rest of the denture. The lab phase can be a timely process, we normally give our patients a phone call as soon as it’s ready for collection.

You can get a consultation with us at our clinic near Ipswich to know whether you are in need of the reline treatment or to understand your options in order to treat your oral health.

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