Denture Maintenance

Maintenance of dentures is part of a healthy mouth and contributes to overall physical health. part of this is coming in for a checkup once a  year or keeping your dental Prosthetist up to date with changes or developments as they occur. 

Cleaning your denture at home with running water and a toothbrush is a fantastic way to remove visible food debris. however, taking your denture in to be professionally cleaned will allow us to spend some time examining your denture and remove any plaque or build-up that can not be removed by a toothbrush.

Additionally,  we are able to apply a fresh polish to the denture as general use and even a toothbrush can cause micro-abrasions or scratches to the denture that may not be visible to the eye but creates a fantastic place for bacteria to stick to. 

Sleeping with dentures? 

It is best to avoid sleeping with dentures in place at night, this will allow the gums to rest and give some time for saliva to flow freely around the mouth to promote overall oral health. 

There is a link between patients sleeping with dentures in their mouthes and respiratory-related infection. 

How often should I clean my dentures?

cleaning should take place after each meal or when convenient, the longer the food debris is allowed to settle on the denture the more likely the accumulation of plaque will be seen. 

The use of cleaning tablets that can be purchased from Coles or Woolworths is recommended. Each packet is affordable and the instructions for different brands are printed on the package and should be followed.